Adopt a Rescued Friend Could Use Your Support

Sadly, there are just too many lost, abandoned and injured dogs in the Houston, Texas area. Adopt a Rescued Friend is a non-profit organization that rescues pets, but they need your help. They have more than 140 dogs waiting to be adopted and another 191 that need sponsor homes. This no-kill facility can make a difference, if you would consider adopting or sponsoring a pet to provide a temporary home.

Adopt a Rescued Friend Adoption (AARF Houston)

With the huge numbers of dogs waiting for adoption, you’ll have an excellent choice of breeds, ages and sexes from which to choose. Dogs ready for adoption can be found on the “Need to Adopt” pages of the website where you’ll find every breed imaginable including German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, Beagles, Terriers, Retrievers and more.

Dogs are adopted through adoption events, which are held at several locations on the weekends. Event locations can be found listed on Facebook as AARF Houston updates and they are posted on our website. Audrey Hepburn, Basil, Batman and Beaux are just a few of the many dogs that so desperately need a good home.

Sponsorship at Adopt a Rescued Friend Adoption

If you’re not quite ready to handle a long-term commitment of adopting a dog, you might consider sponsoring a dog for a short time. The dogs and volunteers of AARF Houston thank you for your support.

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