Akita Rescue of South Florida

Akita Rescue of South Florida is a non-profit animal welfare group whose mission is to reduce the number of unwanted, abandoned or abused Akitas throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and the Carolinas, and when necessary, provide them refuge until they can be adopted into responsible, loving homes.

All Akitas are micro-chipped to their organization and their contract requires the return of any dog which the owner can no longer keep. They are always available to assist adopters throughout the life of the dog with advice, free obedience classes, low cost boarding and even end-of-life euthanasia when that time comes.

They provide educational opportunities for members of the community who wish to help out Akitas. They maintain four open phone lines where those interested in Akitas can talk to qualified volunteers about topics ranging from health issues to training. They conduct Dog Safety Presentations for school, church and community groups. They hold Canine Good Citizenship classes weekly in Jacksonville, which are free to our adopters or anyone who adopts an Akita from a shelter or legitimate rescue organization.

They can be contacted through mail at 2364 Emerson St. Jacksonville, FL 32207. For more information, please visit http://arsf.org/.

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