Arizona Animal Defense League

The Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA) is a statewide animal protection organization that has worked for two decades on behalf of companion animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories, animals in entertainment, and farm animals.

Members of the community who wish to make a difference in the lives of homeless companion animals can do so through making safe credit card donations via PayPal.

Apart from donating, people can also help save the lives of furry friends in need in Arizona through partaking in the volunteer opportunities offered by ADLA. This includes working at outreach tables at community events throughout the Phoenix area, being part of the Tram-Neuter-Return (TNR) program where individuals will be canvassing, tabling, assisting at clinics, trapping and transporting, participating in community outreach and tabling, and working with ADLA to promote and ensure the success of projects that intend to restore habitat for Arizona’s wildlife.

The group can be reached through mail at PO Box 33093, Phoenix, AZ  85067 and through the following Spay Neuter Hotlines:

  • Phoenix: 602.265.SPAY (7729)
  •  Tucson: 520.624.SPAY (7729)
  •  Statewide: 1.866.952.SPAY (7729)

Interested parties can also fill out the form found at

To find out more about this animal welfare group, please visit their website at

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