Arizona Animal Rescue

Arizona Animal Rescue as a private animal welfare advocate that seeks to provide updated information for available animals currently up for adoption in the East and West Valley in Arizona, local animal rescue’s to volunteer for, and things you can do to help animal’s in your local area.

It is run by Tiffany DeBusschere-Boehnke whose mission in life is to help animals in one way or another find a loving forever home. Tiffany is currently trying to get into an animal hospital or animal clinic so she can get into the career field and path that is meant for her.

As a child Tiffany grew up knowing she wanted to help animals in one way or another. Several years ago she began the process of giving back to the animals. Tiffany would put ad’s on Craigslist in her local area asking for unwanted blankets, towels, unopened dog and cat food and other items that she could donate to a local animal shelter. A couple times a month she would go to local animal shelters just to bring out dogs from their cages and get out for fresh air rather than laying in a small kennel on uncomfortable cement floors, Tiffany still continues to do this.

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