Assisi Animal Foundation

The Assisi Animal Foundation (The A.A.F. ) is a 501 ©(3) non-profit corporation founded by mother and daughter I.L. Yarosh and I. Linklater. Their mission and purpose for forming the organization was to provide both shelter and care to animals in need of permanent homes.  

Their mission is also to place animals in different homes that are loving and caring.

Recognized for being the first no-kill, cageless animal shelter and proud recipient of an award for outstanding work by a humane organization issued by the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association,  The A.A. F. is named after St. Francis of Assisi, known as the early champion of animals.

The A.A.F is currently in need of permanent homes for their animals as well as a sufficient supply of kitten food.

They also have an immediate availability of both dogs and cats that are ready to be adopted. For those interested in adopting cats, they can be viewed at the PetSmart Adoption Center, and cats and dogs can be viewed and adopted from The A.A.F. shelter by appointment, seven days a week.

To further assist with this effort and support this cause, a variety of fundraisers take place to absorb some of the on-going operating and administrating cost.

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