Aware Wildlife Center

The Aware Wildlife Center is an Atlanta-based Wildlife Rehabilitation and educational center that focuses on Georgia’s most injured wildlife and those that are orphans.

The primary purpose of te center is to provide rehabilitation for all of the wildlife species, but its purpose is also to provide a means to educate the community about the need for habitat preservation in conjunction with  peaceful coexistence with the wildlife community.

Founded by the late Michael founded in 1999, the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort Inc. (AWARE), received its federal exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization, in an effort to serve all of the metro Atlanta and the Southeast Region. After much planning and development, the Aware center began accepting wildlife in the year of 2006.

The center relies on volunteers and donations from members of the community to assist with its wildlife preservation efforts.  There are also adoption programs as well as sponsorship programs that have been established as a means to further the mission of this organization.  Aware receives its operating income from donations, program revenues, special events, product sales and in-kind support. The organization has a fully trained staff and have assisted hundreds of wildlife animals through-out the years of their existence.

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