BARC Animal Shelter & AdoptionsBARC is the City of Houston’s dedicated animal shelter and adoption facility that accepts every animal regardless of breed, temperament, health conditions, and circumstance. At its core is a top-notch team that works on their mission of professionalism, responsibility, compassion, commitment, integrity, and accountability in carrying out their task as caretakers of helpless animals in the area.

It is dedicated to pet adoption and a live release initiative. They also provide sheltering, veterinary care to all animals brought at their doorsteps, an intensive neo-natal and adult fostering program, and hands-on volunteer training classes and continuous workshops that help the people who work with them to provide the best service they can.

Their goal is to provide animal control and care services that minimize fear, pain, stress, and suffering to animals in and out of the shelter and to ensure safe and healthy human-animal interactions. To be able to do this, they rely on their volunteers who not only offer their time, effort, and skills for their cause but also open their homes to foster the pets that are handed over to them so as to help in rehabilitating these animal companions until they are ready to be adopted into new, happy, and loving forever homes.

The BARC shelter is located at 3200 Carr Street, Houston TX 77026 off the East Tex Freeway (59) and the Collingsworth/Cavalcade/Kelly Exit. They can be contacted through phone at 713-229-7300 as well as through email at Visit their webpage HERE for more information.

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