Help the New Beginning Animal Rescue

New Beginning Animal Rescue is a  group of volunteers who have joined hands to adopt , love , give medical attention and a blissful sanctuary to abused, abandoned, unwanted and strayed pets. The facility has the capacity to house 60 dogs and 40 cats at a time. As a non-profit entity, the organisation depends on contributions of well-wishers and volunteers to sustain day-to-day activities.

Need to adopt a pet?

Adopting a pet is easy. We welcome anyone who may be lonely or in love with pets to apply to adopt one of well-trained dogs and cats. To adopt a pet, follow the steps below:

1) fill out an application procedure found on our website

2) complete a phone interview

3) attend a personal interview at our shelter

4) sign official contract ( to comply with rules for adoption)

5) invite us for home inspection exercise

That’s all! You have a variety to choose from small or big and of all breeds .

Ways to support us :

New Beginning Animal Rescue depends on the kind contributions and support of pet lovers and well-wishers. We welcome donations via PayPal, Amazon wish list, and Amazon smile.      

We are grateful that you have chosen to extend your love to us.Your contribution will help feed, care, & rescue animals in need. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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