Bitter Root Humane Association

The Bitter Root Humane Association was formed in 1972 by a group of local animal lovers. At that time they built a shelter on Adirondac Street in Hamilton. In December of 1982, the City of Hamilton took over the property for a septic treatment plant. Without the necessary funds to relocate, the shelter was forced to close. Homes were found for the remaining animals and the shelter was dismantled.

A new Board was chosen in 1983 and in 1984, Countess Margarite Bessenyey came to the rescue and gave the group land on Fairgrounds Road with a ninety-nine-year lease. Six years later, in 1990 the Bessenyey Estate deeded the land to the Bitter Root Humane Association.

Their mission is to provide caring, compassionate shelter and enrichment for homeless companion animals, find loving lifelong homes, reunite pets and owners, promote population control and advocate for all animals.

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