Cressie Animal Refuge & Enrichment (CARE) is a non-profit animal welfare group committed to saving the lives of dogs and cats that are facing immediate euthanasia by providing transitional fostering leading to a permanent loving home.

The organization is made up of business men and women who all seek to solve the problem of animal overpopulation in San Antonio. They do this through placing seemingly unadoptable dogs and cats in happy and permanent homes. The group also has a large network of foster homes that provide temporary care for feline and canine friends until a suitable family is found for them.

As a private organization, they rely on the help of generous members of the community to provide for the needs of the companion animals under their care. Those who want to help in CARE’s advocacy can donate items such as dog and cat food, blankets, chew toys, chew bones, kennels (all sizes), collars and leashes, cat litter, litter boxes, bleach, Clorex wipes, Dawn detergent, laundry detergent, garbage bags, office supplies like paper, file folders, pens and dry erase boards, stainless steel food, and water bowls. Interested parties can also make safe credit card donations via PayPal.

They can be reached through phone at +1 210-313-3600 and through email at For more information about this animal welfare group, please visit their website at

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