Last Chance Animal Rescue Needs Your Help

If you’ve got the space in your home and the love in your heart, Last Chance Animal Rescue needs your support to donate, adopt or be a foster family to a dog or cat. Last Chance is a non-profit organization that saves animals located in “kill” facilities by paying the costs to relocate them to temporary foster homes where they are eventually adopted.

Last Chance is located in Southampton, New York, but you can see many of the cats and dogs that need foster homes or adopting online at their website. Each animal is listed with a description and several photos so you can get to know them.

Adopting at Last Chance Animal Rescue Website

Search through the dogs and cats listed for adoption until you find the one that touches your heart. Fill out the online adoption form. A volunteer from Last Chance will be in touch quickly to arrange for you to meet with the pet you’ve selected.

Pets are available for viewing at the adoption day events listed on their website where you’ll find locations and dates posted. Petco and PetSmart frequently hold adoption events. Tabitha, Jon Boy, Whiskers, Grady and many more need your help.

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