Second Chance League Sled Dog Rescue Alaska

second-chance-leagueThe Second Chance League is a group of Fairbanks mushers focused on finding permanent homes for sled dogs. SCL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. They work with dogs exclusively from the municipal animal shelter in Fairbanks, evaluate them, foster them, and train them with their own dog teams. Many of these dogs have excellent bloodlines. Their goal is for the dogs to be successful. They strive to match the right dog to the right owner.

To give a sled dog a second chance in life requires very little–and a lot–all at the same time! You must be willing to give sufficient care and attention to the dog, and it would help if you understood the needs of a working dog, even if the dog you are adopting is no longer actively mushing. They generally have temperaments that are not happy being idle. Yet some may have physical limitations that make extreme activity no longer possible, and some may have never had the opportunity to discover their own potential.

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