Second Chance Rescue Could Really Use Your Help

Second Chance Rescue in Whitestone, NY  is dedicated to taking care of animals that are homeless, neglected, abused or in need of medical attention. Our facility relies on generous donations from individuals and small businesses to keep us operating. We don’t have a physical shelter, but instead, we rely on the generosity of foster caretakers to provide care, shelter and love for pets waiting for adoption.

Second Chance Rescue

Foster Care

Unfortunately, we have no more space to take in new cats and dogs. The foster homes are full, and we are turning away pets that need our help. If you have the space and time to devote to a pet in need, we would love to have you join us as a foster care provider. You can sign up to be a care provider on our website at


Needless to say, we are overflowing with large numbers of puppies and loving dogs that need adopting. Even though we don’t have a shelter, you are welcome to visit our website to view a number of pets. You’ll be able to see a photograph of each pet and read a story about their personality, size and habits.

We have some remarkable animals that would make fine pets in a loving home you could provide. Won’t you please contact us and consider adopting today?

Read more about them at

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