Charleston Animal Society South Carolina

The Charleston Animal Society is a non-profit group that seeks to save the lives of animals in need in South Carolina. It makes a difference in the lives of furry friends in need through:

  • Finding homes for homeless animal through adoption, return-to-owners, and a free roaming cats initiative.
  • Fighting animal cruelty wherever it exists through assisting law enforcement with investigations and intervention.
  • Helping youth understand science through a veterinary science initiative.
  • Containing outbreaks of deadly disease through a communitywide rabies vaccination strategy.
  • Reuniting loved ones with their families through an in-depth lost and found program.
  • Preventing births of unwanted animals through a high-volume, high-quality affordable spay/neuter initiative.
  • Saving the lives of abused and abandoned animals through a medical and behavioral treatment regimen.
  • Guiding children to grow into humanitarians through a comprehensive humane education initiative.
  • Fighting Hunger When Food Is Unaffordable through a nonjudgmental pet-focused food bank.

The group’s shelter can be found at 2455 Remount Road, North Charleston, South Carolina 29406 and is open on weekdays from noon to 5:00 pm and on weekends from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

They can be reached through phone at 843-747-4849 or at 843-556-7729 as well as through email at

To learn more about this animal welfare group, please visit their website at

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