Chicagoland Dog Rescue

Chicagoland Dog Rescue (CDR) brought a few people together who had been doing rescue work on their own. Their common goal is to rescue dogs that suffer at the hands of cruel or ignorant owners, owner giveaways, or those that are homeless. They are a small group of volunteers who work full-time jobs and try to help as many dogs as they can, when they can.

Chicagoland Dog Rescue is a shelter-less rescue.  Most of their dogs are in foster homes, but they do board some dogs they take in at local shelters and vets. It is their dream to have a shelter where uninterrupted socialization will be the norm and they will be able to place as many dogs as possible in safe, loving homes.  In the meantime, they help as many dogs as they can, keeping them from being brought to various societies or kill shelters where 15,000 dogs are put to death daily in Illinois. With very limited resources, they try to medicate, socialize, and place dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes into homes as quickly as possible.

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