Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary

Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit animal welfare group whose mission is to keep free roaming community cats safe and out of shelters in Montgomery County by providing assistance and education about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

CECS is affiliated with Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward and Texas Litter Control and works with both of these groups toward the effort of spay/neuter and more.

Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary is home to dozens of cats who essentially ended up with no where else to go. Located in a secluded forest with an onsite caretaker, the Sanctuary provides a safe indoor/outdoor haven for cats to live out their lives.

Many of the kitties within the Sanctuary are feral cats that cannot be returned/released to their previous colonies, so they are housed safely within the sanctuary in a new ‘colony’.

TNR is the most humane and effective method available to end feral cat overpopulation; a crisis faced by communities across the United States. CECS’s goal is to work with local government, animal control, community members, and other animal rescue organizations to build community wide TNR programs.

Interested parties can help the group through donating via PayPal. People can also purchase merchandise at

The group can be reached by mail at 206 A South Loop 336 West #229; Conroe, TX 77304 and through email at For more information about this group, please visit their website at

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