Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue of Florida

The Coastal Golden Retriever Rescue of Florida is a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to the rescue, medical rehabilitation, and adoption of Golden Retrievers into loving and caring “forever” homes.

The companion animals that enter their program are evaluated for temperament. Once accepted into our program, the Golden is medically evaluated by one of their “rescue friendly” veterinarian partners and any immediate medical needs are addressed. Golden Retrievers adopted through their program have been brought current on all vaccines, are heartworm free, are spayed or neutered, and microchipped. We take our commitment to these Goldens quite seriously. Once a Coastal Golden, always a Coastal Golden.

As a non-profit group, they rely on the help of community members in helping save the lives of animals in need in the area. Interested parties can volunteer in the following teams:

  • Transport Team:

Occasionally transport assistance is needed to pick up a new intake from a shelter, take a foster dog to a vet appointment during medical treatment, or to pick up a surrendered dog from the current home and bring it into rescue.

  • Home Visit Team:

The Home Visit Team consists of available fosters and/or qualified general volunteers taking their personally-owned Golden to an approved applicant’s home. During this visit, the volunteer will interview the applicant (questionnaire form provided), observe   interaction of all family members with the visiting Golden, evaluate the safety   conditions of the home, indicate and notify the applicant of any potential concerns (plants, garbage cans, open toilet lids), and provide follow-up to the HV Coordinator upon return. Home Visits are conducted before an adoption takes place.

  • Follow-Up Team:

The Follow-Up Team will stay in contact with new owners to ensure the adoption is going well; to address questions or issues that may arise during the first few months; and to communicate current and upcoming rescue news.

  • Foster Volunteer Team:

The very important role of foster includes working with the Intake Coordinator to coordinate the placement of a dog into the appropriate foster home, taking into consideration existing children, animals, and possible extenuating circumstances at the home, and with the dog.  When a suitable applicant is located to adopt the dog, the  foster will work with the Adoption Coordinator to coordinate the process.

  • General Volunteers:

General Volunteers may assist in all areas of rescue operations, such as assisting with Volunteer Orientation, serving as liaison between volunteers and team leaders, assisting in coordination of Volunteer appreciation picnic, coordinating Golden Gatherings, and assisting with rescue community events.

  • Community Relations & Events Team:

The Public Relations Team will keep the rescue informed of all applicable external events and support the rescue’s efforts in obtaining funds, sponsors, and all other types of support. Their assistance is also needed to research, access, plan, coordinate and execute event fundraisers. External events, such as the Golden Reunion, Dogtoberfest, Barktoberfest, and Local Markets need evaluating for time/location/benefits to the rescue/audience. This team will also be responsible for hosting community educational events called ”Meet-n-Greets”, at local pet stores once a month.

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