You Can Help the Dallas Companion Animal Project

It takes more than a few people working to resolve the overpopulation problem of pets in the Dallas area. The Dallas Companion Animal Project is committed to improving pet lives, but they need help from everyone in the community. Learn how you can contribute to reduce euthanasia and give pets a chance for a happy, healthy life.

Dallas Companion Animal Project

We Need Partners

Non-profits, animal organizations, associations and businesses are encouraged to partner with us as supporting partners, associate partners or active partners. Your help may be a contributing factor to our success.

Volunteers Help Us Reach Goals

We need volunteers in a variety of areas to contribute their skills and expertise to our organization. Collectively volunteers working together provide the resources to make things happen and keep our door open for pets in dire need of help.

We would love to hear from you if you can help out at pet events, provide administrative solutions, and collect donated pet supplies, write articles and more.


If volunteering isn’t an option, we sure would appreciate any size of donation that you can afford. Donations can be made online at our website or you can mail a money order or check.

With your help, we can give pets a brighter future and a chance at life.

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