Every Dog Has Its Day Thanks To Duck Team 6

Every day is a dog day at Duck Team 6. This Dallas-based non-profit organization is passionate about reducing the stray dog population in the area through capture, placement, and outreach.  Once Duck Team 6 captures a dog, they rehabilitate it by placing it in a foster or rescue home where it can be properly cared for until it is adopted.

Duck team 6 has done such a great job of getting these dogs off the street that they are currently overwhelmed with requests for capture assistance and have temporarily halted the service. They do, however, provide a list of resources including helping you capture a dog on your own and finding places that provide rescue services for these animals. Should you wish to adopt a dog through Duck Team 6, an online pet adoption form is available on their website. Their outreach program involves offering education on litter prevention, free vaccinations days and free or subsidized neuter and spay surgeries. They also encourage community volunteering and donations in cash or in dog supplies which are then distributed to dog owners in low-income areas. Duck Team 6 has proven that Dallas residents can make a difference in the health and safety of animals, one dog at a time.

More details are posted at http://duckteam6.org/.

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