Dog & Kitty City Shelter

Dog & Kitty City ShelterDog ad Kitty City Shelter is a no kill shelter situated in Dallas County. It aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for the indigent, abused, and neglected animals in the area. They do this through rescuing companion animals and providing shelter love and medical care until such time that they find a second family to take them in through their on-going adoption support services.

Their mission is to promote responsible pet ownership and to eliminate animal cruelty through educating the public in the ways and means to treat their pets. Moreover, they also wish to help reduce animal overpopulation in the area through services like low-cost spay/neuter.

As a volunteer-driven organization, they rely on people who offer their time, skills, and effort to make each one of their services possible. They need volunteers to act as animal socializers, adoption counselors/assistants, condo helpers, adoption inspectors, foster parents, events and marketing committee coordinators, events and marketing committee members, holiday raffle committee members, community outreach coordinators, events calendar coordinators, social media coordinators, media coordinators, and photographers.

Aside from volunteering, people can also donate any amount to keep the organization’s operations up and running.

You may contact Dog and Kitty City through mail at 2719 Manor Way, Dallas, Texas 75235 or through phone at 214-350-7387. For specific inquiries, please contact them through email at:

For more information, please visit their website at

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