Dumpster Cat Rescue League Delaware

Dumpster Cats is an all-volunteer group dedicated to helping homeless kittens and cats.  Collectively, they have helped rescue and find homes for over 1,200 kittens and cats and have spayed and neutered over 1,500 cats.

MISSION…  is to save the lives of cats and kittens by preventing more from being born.  The more kittens that are prevented, the more will live.

Every night, there are homeless animals out on the street. Cold, hungry, and alone, these cats and dogs have done nothing to deserve the conditions which they must endure. These are animals who were neglected, disregarded, tossed out onto the roadside… some were even born into this life… all because no one cared enough to give them a home, to control the pet population, to do SOMETHING to help.

Well now, YOU can do something to help! You can become a member, make a donation… or adopt.

For more info visit dumpstercats.org

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Gail Price
Dumpster Cats Rescue League


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