Education and Animal Rescue Society

Education and Animal Rescue Society: Making a Difference for Local Animals

The Education and Animal Rescue Society (EARS) is a nonprofit Texas organization run entirely by volunteers. The mission of this 501(c)(3) corporation is to provide education to the community on animal care, animal behavior, and the importance of animal nutrition, vaccinations, and spaying and neutering. EARS is also dedicated to finding caring homes for animals that are otherwise fated to die in animal shelters.

Members of the community who seek education and animal training services may look to the Education and Animal Rescue Society as a resource. Trainers and training ideas are available on the website, along with useful information on heartworm concerns, preventing dog bites, and socializing dogs. Animal nutrition information is also available.

Adopt or Foster a Pet Through the Education and Animal Rescue Society

If you are considering pet adoption or wish to foster an animal, EARS can help. You can save a life by taking home a dog or cat today. An EARS volunteer can assist you in exploring the possibilities of animal fostering and adoption.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact someone at the Education and Animal Rescue Society. The phone number is 214-559-2817, and the email address is The mailing address is PO Box 190473, Dallas TX 75219. EARS is committed to assisting the community with information on the care and nutrition of local animals. Visit their website at

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