Find Your Future Furry Companion at Providence Animal Center

Providence Animal Center is dedicated to their mission of life-affirming care for animals, which means that no animal will be put to sleep unless it is medically necessary. PAC believes as many of us do, that every animal’s life is sacred and they have a right to live. PAC provides shelter, medical care, rescue and placement of all companion animals that enter the nonprofit’s doors. Providence Animal Center began in 1911 by helping horses in Delaware County by providing water troughs.

PAC operated as an “open intake” animal shelter until 2012 when they changed to become a lifesaving animal center, keeping all animals alive that are able to be adopted. PAC only euthanizes animals when they are suffering from an incurable disease or their behavior is too aggressive to allow adoption, keeping that number as low as possible. In 2015, we saved over 3,500 animals, placing 97% of the animals we took in. We also have a community outreach program that educates pet owners and offers affordable veterinary services to the public to encourage responsible pet ownership with affordable spaying and neutering. Contact us at 610-566-1370, 555 Sandy bank Road, Media, PA, 19063 or email us at We are open Monday thru Friday 12-7, Saturdays 11-6, Sundays 12-5.


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