Finding Love at East Lake Pet Orphanage

Every shelter helps unite homeless animals with new families, but there are very few that are no kill shelters. East Lake Pet Orphanage is one of the few’ a truly altruistic shelter where abandoned and surrendered pets are never put to death. Run by a team of caring veterinarians, the ELPO houses cats, dogs and the occasional bunny or other such pet that finds themselves without a family.

The team works tirelessly to social each animal, teaching them manors and social skills helping them become a wonderful addition to any home. The animals here are treated with highest standards of care. Located in Dallas, the shelter strives to rehabilitate even the most difficult pets, spending as much time as needed to prepare each and every animal for transition into a loving home.

The cost of running the shelter is high and funded entirely on donations. Adoption fees help offset a small portion of the animal’s care, but the center depends on caring individuals to help them keep the shelter running. While the shelter will keep animals much longer than a kill shelter, their goal is to find appropriate homes for every animal that comes to the pet orphanage.

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