Florida Animal Hospital

The River City Community Animal Hospital (RCCAH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation and improving pet health by offering mobile reduced cost spay/neuter and animal wellness services to rescue organizations and pet owners throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia since 2004.

It seeks to accomplish these three goals:

  • To provide the safest possible and highest standard of personalized spay and neuter services for our patients.
  • To make this affordable for virtually everyone,
  •  To educate the public and raise awareness about the need to spay and neuter as well as general heath care and responsible pet ownership.

They provide various services including spay and neuter, thorough physical examinations with a medical record provided, client education, preventive health care, rabies vaccinations, permanent identification (microchipping), basic and core vaccines for kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs, lower fee services to assisted living facilities, comprehensive client education and consultation, mobile care for rescue groups and shelters, and services and TNR support for managed feral cat colonies.

Interested parties can help the group through makings safe credit card donations via PayPal.

They can be reached through mail at P.O. Box 551344, Jacksonville, FL 32255 as well as through phone at 904-733-8123.

To find out more about this animal welfare group, please visit their website at http://rccah.org/.

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