Foster a Dog from Doggone Crazy Animal Rescue

Are you past due for doing something fun, crazy and exciting? Why not become a foster family to a rescue dog at Doggone Crazy Animal Rescue? This is a no-kill and non-profit organization, which sure could use your help to provide a safe and loving home for any number of dogs rescued from the Los Angeles area.

Fostering at Doggone Crazy Animal Rescue

At this time, all the rescued pets depend on foster families to house them while they’re waiting to be adopted because we don’t have shelter facilities just yet. We’ve got dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages that would make splendid pets and need you to provide a stable home and a healthy environment.

All the pets looking for foster families have had their shots, and it won’t cost you a dime to become a foster caregiver. Doggone Crazy Animal Rescue also covers the costs of all supplies and food. Alternatively, if you do make purchases for the care of a pet, they are all tax deductible.

Fostering is simple. To start the process, go online to their website, and fill out the foster application. The application asks a variety of important questions to make sure they find a good match for both you and the dog. Foster applicants can expect a home visit and quick approval.


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