Friends of Animals Foundation

Friends of Animals FoundationFriends of Animals Foundation is a non-profit no-kill animal rescue and shelter that is dedicated to caring for and placing homeless dogs and cats into new and loving homes. They provide medical attention, spaying and neutering, behavioral assistance, and training to the animals under their care so that they may become adoptable animal companions.

They rely on kind-hearted donors to be able to sustain the daily needs of the furry friends that they are caring for. Aside from monetary assistance, people can also fulfill their wish list which includes: simple green concentrated cleaner, tall kitchen garbage bags, paper towels, paper plates, cat beds, cat shampoo, *new* brooms, dustpans, whisk brooms, sponge mops, compact fluorescent light bulbs, blankets, sheets and pillow cases, towels – all sizes, anti-bacterial hand soap, anti-bacterial dish detergent, rubber gloves, pillows, spray bottles, bleach, Johnny cat litter, and first aid supplies.

The Friends of Animals Foundation office is located at 2336 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064. They can also be contacted through phone at (310) 479-5089 or through fax at (310) 479-2571. People can also reach them through email at For more information, please visit their website at

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