Give Forgotten Dogs a Chance

The dogs, cats and an occasional horse don’t know why they are abandoned, wondering the streets and so very hungry, but they need your help. Most of these poor little animals wouldn’t stand a chance if it wasn’t for the kindhearted folks at the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project in Houston, Texas and your contributions.

Although, there are huge numbers of pets around the country that need help, the 5th Ward area has an unusually large number of abandoned stray dogs, which are left to roam about and survive on their own. Some are pets that have escaped and become lost, others are thrown away like a piece of garbage, and many are injured, sick and left to die alongside the road.

Forgotten Dogs Cares

Forgotten Dogs is a no-kill shelter that is doing everything in their power to rescue animals from this area. They even work to educate the community about pet care, spaying, neutering and veterinary care. However, they can’t do it alone.

You can help to save a dog or cat like Buster, Jennie or Callie by visiting their website and filling out an adoption form. If the time isn’t right for adopting, the Forgotten Dogs would be overjoyed if you could volunteer your time to help or make a cash contribution.

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