The Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Texas

Golden Retriever Rescue of North TexasThe Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Texas or GRRNT is a non-profit organization that aims to rescue, care for, and find a home for abandoned Golden Retrievers. Founded in 1996, the group intends to educate the general public about responsible pet ownership and the unique qualities of this breed of dogs.

GRRNT is involved in the following activities:

  • Have regular changes in leaders through open meetings and democratic votes of members.
  • Keep records transparent for inspection by any or all the members
  • Allow dogs to stay in foster shelters instead of kennels while waiting to be adopted
  • Avoid any policy requiring euthanasia for dogs reported to have attacked or been aggressive to humans without initiating a complete and thorough investigation.

As volunteers are the backbone of the organization, GRRM is continuously recruiting members who may provide transportation, visit homes, or help in raising funds to support GRRM’s projects. To find out on how to become a volunteer, interested parties may visit this LINK.

Donations of any amount will also be highly appreciated and can be delivered by mail, via major credit cards, or ONLINE using Google Checkout or PayPal.

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