Green Street Rescue

Green Street Rescue is a rescue devoted to abandoned cats who are in need of rehoming and adoption in Philadelphia. Providing a wide variety of services, Green Street Rescue drives its motivation from a strong set of beliefs expressed in their practices and services. Seeing itself as both a rescue and a service agency for cats, their services range from a wide variety of rescue, rehoming, and adoption services, as well as services to help feral cats without resorting to killing and destruction of colonies.

Green Street Rescue has a variety of devoted pets available for rehoming and adoption, as well as the standard Trap, Neuter, Return and Manage method to help control the feral cat population in the city of Philadelphia. Green Street Rescue operates on a strong belief that the feral cat problem is a man-made issue and one that is the responsibility of the community. With that in mind, Green Street Rescue is focus on total cat care, to ensure that the feral cat population is dealt with humanely. There are a number of pictures of adoptable cats ready for loving homes today. Whether you are interested in adoption or just helping out, Green Street Rescue welcomes you.

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