Harris County Public Health Pet Adoption

Harris County Public Health offers veterinary public health in conjunction with all pet adoptions.  All pets up for adoption receive vaccinations, deworming, spay and neutering, a collar, and a rabies vaccination tag.  The Harris County lifetime license tag is also included.  An application for adoption is part of the process and must be completed and all fee’s paid, prior to the adoption.  All animals in the Harris County adoption program receive a health and temperament evaluation.  In order to be eligible for adoption, an animal must be non-aggressive and in good enough health to undergo the spay/neuter surgery.  The natural demeanor and the needs of the pet should be heavily considered by the potential owner.   Stray animals must remain with Harris County Public Health at least 3 working days prior to adoption to allow the owner to locate them.

In preparation for a new pet, all future owners should ensure that the home and other family members are aware and ready for the responsibilities of caring for an animal. In the event that the pet needs to be returned, the adoption fee can not be refunded and a 6 month wait before adopting again, is required.

Read more at http://publichealth.harriscountytx.gov

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