Heart of Texas Greyhound Adoption

Heart of Texas (H.O.T.) Greyhound Adoption, Inc. is a non-profit group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of Greyhounds. They cater to the needs of retired racers, retired brood matrons, retired stud dogs, those with physical impairments, those not fast enough to race, as well as seniors.

The group’s focus is on placing each Greyhound into the best possible home, and then providing the necessary after-care and support to ensure success in the adoptive home. In addition, they also provide lifetime support and assistance to H.O.T. adoptive families, as well as assistance to any Greyhound or Greyhound adoptive family, if requested.

Members of the community can help the group in many ways including shopping online to directly benefit the group, donating vehicles, becoming a foster parent, becoming a volunteer, and sponsoring H.O.T. hounds.

In addition, people can also help by donating items such as:

  • new or gently used van with dual air for hound transport
  • x-large dog crates
  • new or used comforters to use in dog crates
  • large dog beds
  • good-quality dry dog food
  • large, stainless food and water dishes
  • Frontline or Heartguard to keep the H.O.T. Hounds healthy
  • Veterinary bill assistance
  • items to be used for raffles and Silent Auctions

People can also donate in cash via http://www.heartoftexasgreyhounds.org/donationsnew.htm.

The group can be reached through phone at 210/621-0123 and through email at hotgreyhounds@att.net.

For more information, please visit http://www.heartoftexasgreyhounds.org.

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