Herpetological Society in Chicago

The Chicago Herpetological Society or CHS is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that was established in 1966. It exists with the mission of educating the general public on everything there is to know about herpetofauna, promoting the conservation of all wildlife (with premier focus on reptiles and amphibians), and encouraging cooperation between professional and amateur herpetologists for the faster development and innovation of the field.

As of 2013, CHS holds a member base of over 600 individuals who all share the love for reptiles and amphibians and who are going beyond their means in order for the organization’s advocacies to better saturate society. They are working more for the cultivation of compassion and care of the people towards herpetofauna than merely spreading wider knowledge and increasing understanding of these creatures.

With the desire to inch the public closer to better appreciating reptiles and amphibians, CHS has organized the largest annual educational herpetofauna show in the entire continental US. Entitled “ReptileFest,” the show offers 40,000 square feet of educational and hands-on activities that feature hundreds of reptiles and amphibians from all around the world.

CHS also has an Adoption Program that ensures that unwanted reptiles and amphibians will be properly cared for before eventually turning them over to the best facilities. Any person who is interested in adopting a member of the herpetofauna species will need to effectively comply with the rules and guidelines provided by the organization.

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For more information, log on to http://www.chicagoherp.org.


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