The Humane Society of Camden County

The Humane Society of Camden County is a non-profit organization that seeks to  provide effective means for prevention of cruelty to animals; to cooperate with municipal, state and county authorities in prosecuting according to law such persons as may be guilty of cruelty to animals; to afford relief to abandoned animals when sick, injured or otherwise in distress; to assist in finding and placing in new homes such abandoned animals; to encourage kindness to and consideration of animals through education of the public and any other ethical means.

As a charitable institution, they rely in the help of the community in order to provide for the needs of the companion animals under their care. Interested parties can volunteer as a greeter, matchmaker, cat cuddler, dog walker, or playtime coordinator. People can also help through adopting a furry friend from the Humane Society.

In addition, people can also help through donating items such as kitten food, puppy food, old towels, trash bags, cat litter, chew toys, laundry soap, bleach, cat toys, collars/leashes, old blankets, postage, cat and dog treats, brooms, copier paper, office supplies, lysol spray, window cleaner, paper towels, dish soap, brushes, large dog crates, dog houses (preferably plastic), digital camera, dog and cat dishes, and landscaping items (shade trees, red mulch, hoses, nozzles, etc.).

Monetary donations can also be made through PayPal.

Their facility is located at 950 S. Grove Blvd. in Kingsland, Georgia. They can also be reached through phone at (912) 729-7141, through fax at (912) 729-8945, and through email at

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