The Value of Humane Society of North Texas

Each year, the Humane Society of North Texas cares for thousands of neglected, mistreated and needy pets solely without the aid of any state, county or federal entities. Since 1905, HSNT has always acted as an animal advocate and has ensured that their ethical and legal protection is observed.

As a leading welfare organization, HSNT has transformed the way homes care for animals. From innovative behavior programs to advocacy, HSNT creates a more humane environment for the animals. In fact, this is a place to adopt more than just a perfect pet.

The professional yet friendly experts here offer support service for the animals at every stage of their growth. This is a society that helps thousands of pets in need get a loving home, and none is turned away no matter the health, behavior or breed. Although all animals are eligible for the adoption program, there are those that after sterilization and vaccination will require specialized care to eliminate bad behavior or monitor health.

To animals with special challenges, HSNT provides extensive behavior modification and medical treatment. That ensures that even the most stubborn and hard to keep pets have a chance at adoption.  We have a free pet helpline.  

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