Humane Society of Saline County

The Humane Society of Saline County was founded on June 19, 1975, and received its charter from the state of Arkansas in August of that year. The organization’s objectives are:

* To provide a temporary refuge for stray, homeless and deserted animals and to place such animals in good homes wherever practical.
* To receive and care for suffering animals.
* To prevent all forms of cruelty to animals by every legitimate means.
* To carry humane education, in all possible ways, into schools and homes of Saline County.
* To return lost pets to their rightful owners upon reasonable proof of ownership within a reasonable period of time and upon payment of a reasonable fee, as established by the society’s board of directors, with such fee to be based on costs of maintenance and care.
* To end suffering, in a humane manner, of any animals for which it is not possible to cure its infirmities. Decisions of this nature are made with the advice of a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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