The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Adoption Program

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is based in Florida and provides interactive and educational experiences with over 2,000 exotic and rare  animals and  approximately 1,000 varieties of plants. Their mission is to provide an understanding of the interaction that takes place between humans, the wildlife, and their environment.

The the Adopt An Animal program allows individuals to become a part of the Zoo community, where by a personalized Honorary Zookeeper certificate, facts about your animal, a color photo and more will be made available to the sponsors.Although the animals adopted will not go home with their sponsors, a tremendous amount of support will be contributed beyond words in support of this effort.  

Adoption levels vary and include sponsorship rates from $35 to $1,000.  All sponsorship levels include a picture of the animal (if available) along with facts, a wild magazine subscription and a certificate of adoption.  Other sponsorship levels   consist of free passes for a specified number of days.  

All animals are available for adoption – from mammals, to birds, to invertebrates, the choice is yours.  Also available are fish, reptiles and amphibians.  All donations are appreciated and tax deductible. Please call, fax or download an application to apply for to adopt today.

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