Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for Birds

Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for Birds is a non-profit, charitable, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the following causes:

  • Educating people on the proper care of birds. This includes the specific physical and psychological needs of each bird.
  • Rescuing companion parrots from various situations such as harmful, unwanted, injured or found and rehabilitating them when necessary.
  • Rescuing companion parrots when circumstances arise that prevent a bird owner from continuing to care for their pet bird.
  • Carefully screening applicants to ensure these birds are placed into qualified loving homes.

They are always welcome for donations both in cash and in kind. Interested parties can make safe credit card donations via Paypal or donate the following items from their wish list:

  • Food – Pellets, Seeds, Treats
  • Toys – Wood, leather, plastic, rope, of all sizes
  • Toy making supplies to make the bird toys
  • Cages & Carriers – All sizes
  • Perches – All sizes
  • Air Purifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Terrycloth towels
  • UV Lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning supplies – spray bottles, sponges, paper towels

They can be reached through the following contact channe;ls:

  • Margaret O.



  • Colleen R.


To find out more please visit their website at

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