k9.5 Rescue SC

k9.5 Rescue focuses on Great Pyrenees, other giant breeds, senior dogs and special needs dogs. k9.5 is committed to saving and protecting animals facing euthanasia, abandonment, disaster, or life as a stray and placing them in dedicated, caring homes for the remainder of their lives.  As a rescue we are devoted to granting proper and complete veterinary, behavioral and emotional support in order to give the animals the protection and care that they deserve.  We offer a chance for animals most often ignored due to size, breed, health, age or appearance, promoting more awareness of the variety of animals in need, while providing the animals with a renewed life.  With love, commitment, and public education, we strive to end overpopulation, as well as end unacceptable care or abuse in the lives of animals.

Contact k9.5 Rescue via mail at 1754 Woodruff Rd., #308, Greenville, SC 29607 , by calling 864-293-0156, or by sending email to:

Adoptions– adoptions@k95rescue.org

General Information: info@k95rescue.org 

To learn more, visit http://www.k95rescue.org.

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