Katie’s Roadside Rescue: Helping Dogs From All Walks of Life Find Home

Katie’s Roadside Rescue has been rescuing dogs of various breeds find a home since the owner first discovered a pair of dogs abandoned by their owners on the side of the road. Left with a bowl of dog food and water, the dogs were waiting patiently for their owner, who had no intention of returning. Sadly this story is true of more and more dogs throughout the San Antonio area, and that’s how Katie’s Roadside Rescue was born. Since then, Katie’s Roadside Rescue has been at the forefront of local animal rescue efforts in San Antonio, and there are a variety of wonderful dogs in Katie’s care.

All dogs are microchipped and assigned to return to KRR if the owner feels they can no longer handle the responsibility of a dog. KRR’s pets are vaccinated and neutered so they are ready to take care of from the moment they are adopted. KRR is filled to capacity at the moment and is looking towards future expansion to help accommodate the growing needs of San Antonio’s abandoned pet community.  Katie’s Roadside Rescue is always willing to accept help from volunteers to help in the care of these wonderful dogs.

Additional details are posted at http://www.krrtx.org/.

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