Kitten Rescue

Kitten RescueKitten Rescue is a volunteer-driven and non-profit organization that aims to save homeless and abandoned cats and kittens in Los Angeles in the hopes of making it a no-kill city.

They place orphaned or neglected kittens that still need to be bottle fed, mommy cats with litters, cats that need socialization, and sick and injured animals into foster homes where they can be cared for by kind-hearted volunteers until a permanent home is found for them.

The group covers all of the medical needs of their rescued cats until they are adopted into new and loving forever homes. Prior to being adopted, each cat is spayed/neutered, tested for leukemia and FIV, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas, and microchipped.

Aside from their rescue and re-homing efforts, Kitten Rescue also offers education and assistance to the public on all aspects of responsible pet care.

Volunteers have a special place at Kitten Rescue. Aside from foster families, they are also open for medical coordinators, photographers, and special events coordinators. Volunteers can also help in building publicity, following up fosters, fundraising, adoption preparation, transporting cats, and socializing cats and kittens.

Donations can be sent to Kitten Rescue at 914 Westwood Blvd. #583, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

For inquiries, please fill out this contact form. For more information, please visit their website at

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