LA Animal Alliance

The Los Angeles Animal Alliance is a non-profit animal welfare organization which comprises of shelters, rescue groups, schools, faith, and community organizations seeking to save the lives of animals in need in Southland.

It is a servant leadership, community organizing initiative empowering animal shelters and rescue groups to work with each other and the public to community build and then act on our common interests of helping animals, increasing lifesaving and strengthening the animal-human connection.

Its main goals include increasing the resource and organizing capacity of shelters, rescuers and the Southland so that one day all healthy and adoptable local animals can be guaranteed loving homes.

To achieve the core objectives, the Alliance has identified more than twenty initiatives, which are categorized as resources, tools, programs, or services. Most of these initiatives have been specifically adapted from best practices models to address the accessibility and logistical challenges that are unique to our region, as well as provide needed infrastructure and resources to help our humane organizations become more efficient and enhance their success in what they do — saving the lives of Los Angeles animals. Their life saving goals are attainable, and well worth the effort for the thousands of cats and dogs whose lives will be saved.

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