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Save a Life through Adoption

We’ve had it said over and over again that money can’t buy you love. But, in truth, it can get you the most adorable dog that will shower you with plenty of love. Most people looking to add a pet dog to their families are often caught in between adopting a dog or buying one. The primary reason why most people go with the buying option is that they are looking for a particular breed say a German Shepherd.

Just like Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue, there are many adoption shelters that can help you identify the particular breed you are looking for. What you probably don’t know is that 25-30 percent dogs that are found in animal shelters are thoroughbreds.

A new lease of life with Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue

One of the biggest misconceptions about dogs in rescue centers is that they wound up there because they are bad dogs. But most the time this happens because of mistreatment by their owners, illness or injury that is not properly taken care of or their owner’s personal issues.

Save a life at Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue

The best reason for you to adopt a dog is that you’ll have saved a life. A rescue dog knows when someone gives them a chance at a new life, and they will shower you with affection like no other for years to come.

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