Getting to Know Much Love Animal Rescue

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Much Love Animal Rescue is a team of volunteers  who  are passionate about saving dogs and cats who are in mortal danger of euthanization within the city and the shelters of Los Angeles.It was founded in 1999  and since then it is known for adopting cats and dogs of all types.Much Love Animal Rescue take  are 100% non-profit and they rely on contribution to provide necessary medical care, behavior training, and rehabilitation of all the taken animals.

How to Adopt a Pet

Are you interested in adopting one of their animals, well the procedure is simple as follows:

1.Go to the website

2.Fill out dog/ cat applications

3.Homecheck done

Make a Donation for a Worthy Cause

Once you complete the above steps, you have the privilege to choose an animal of your taste.Our adoption fees are affordable starting at $250 for dogs ,$300 for puppies,$ 55 for cats, and $75 for kittens. We’re always available on weekdays and weekends at our shelter in  2515 main street  in Santa Monica from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  

If you are passionate about saving pets like we are and willing to support us. Please send your contribution to Much Love Animal Rescue P.O. Box 341721 Los Angeles, CA 90034. WE also accept donations via PayPal. Remember your contribution will be of great help to these wonderful creatures and it will be used entirely on them.

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