The Love of Pets

The Love of Pets is a non-profit animal rescue group whose mission is to provide support to our local community to ensure the safety of the public and the animals that live here. They are committed to creating meaningful social change for animals by advocating positive amendments to local, county, and state policies that affect the overall treatment of animals.

It seeks to bring awareness to the private and government sectors on issues and solutions related to the humane and ethical treatment of animals in the community.

As part of its services, the group traps and transports confirmed homeless cats to the rescue’s cottages where they await the visit of a veterinarian. What follows is a thorough medical check up, spaying or neutering, and a bath. After which, the feline friend is put up for adoption or is returned to its original locale.

The group can be reached through mail at The Love of Pets, Inc. 300 Osborne Street, Saint Marys, Georgia 31558. They can also be contacted through phone at 912-882-4344, through fax at 912-882-0860, as well as through email at

For more information, please visit their website at

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