Mini Schnauzers Need Homes in Houston, TX!

Founded by Karen Gayeski Coleman, the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue (MSRH) was established on February 1st, 2000. “Every Schnauzer, A Home. One Adoption At A Time.” is the company mission statement and they are absolutely dedicated to making this a reality.

The decision to open the shelter was made by Karen when her Mini Schnauzer, Gretchen, escaped the yard. She searched everywhere for Gretchen, but never found her, and was devastated. ¬†Karen then decided that she didn’t want anyone else to ever have to live through that pain; thus the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston, TX was born.

Each new Mini Schnauzer brought into the MSRH is housed in a safe and loving temporary home; where our full staff of volunteers get them ready to be adopted to ‘forever home’.

Adoption fees range anywhere from $250 to $450 but are mostly determined by the medical needs of your pup. Before we adopt a Schnauzer to a loving family, we first make sure they have all of their needed vaccinations and health checks completed. Those more expensive adoptions are for the Schnauzers who have been less fortunate during their time alone, and need additional treatments.

We realize that adopting a dog can be a large undertaking, but post adoption, we will be there for you and your Mini Schnauzer to provide tips for proper dietary needs, dental care, training, vet recommendations and more.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption application as the first step towards finding your new best friend: Adoption Application.

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