Morning Meadow Animal Rescue

The rescue is located in Carthage, Arkansas. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit private organization that runs on donations. They are staffed by volunteers and have a volunteer board. Donations in the form of cash, feed for the animals, rescue supplies or medical supplies and vet treatment are gladly accepted.

MMAR strives to find forever homes for all of our animals. It is MMAR’s policy to provide care and shelter for all animals to live out their lives at MMAR if they are not adopted. MMAR does euthanize upon the advice of our vet in cases of illness or severe injury or aggressive behavior. Since February of 2010, over 500 animals have been adopted. MMAR also works with transports to all parts of the country. They currently have adopted animals in 18 states. They have transported over 250 dogs and pups and kittens.

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