Noahs Bark Dog Rescue Needs Help From You

Noahs Bark Dog Rescue is working hard to find good homes for both dogs and cats in Torrance, California. Our goal is to reduce the number of pets that are euthanized every day in shelters and that’s where you can help. We don’t have the facilities for a shelter but instead, we rely on foster families, donations and volunteers.

Noahs Bark Dog Rescue

Fostering Pets

If you have the space, time and the love to foster a pet, we need you! Noah’s Bark will gladly pay for any medical expenses and food supplies. We only ask that you bring the pet to Petco pet adoptions on Saturdays in Torrance.


We can always use dog beds, assorted toys, dog food, collars, leashes, doggy treats and dog crates. Every contribution makes a huge difference to a little doggy or kitty.

If you would like to contribute a cash donation, we can accept donations through PayPal.


We would appreciate volunteers who can help with pet adoptions at Petco. Volunteers are needed to transport pets, help with crates, care for dogs during the adoption process and help us tear down at closing.

By donating, volunteering or fostering, we can save and improve the lives of so many pets with your help.

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