Operation CatSnip of Kentucky

Operation CatSnip is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to effectively and safely decrease the population of free-roaming, community, stray and barn cats through a humane, convenient, self-sustaining trap-neuter-return-management (TNRM) program in central Kentucky.

The secondary purpose is, through education and outreach, to inform the public of the benefits of managing colonies, as opposed to ineffective removal and euthanasia.

Operation CatSnip of Kentucky, Inc. offers advice and assistance to individuals and other groups with respect to non-lethal community cat management.

Each clinic typically takes a lot of time, planning, and work.  Operation CatSnip of Ky, Inc. is a small volunteer organization, therefore we must rely on the involvement of the person asking for help.

For more information, visit operationcatsnipky.org

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