Orphans of the Storm Needs Volunteers

Helping out a pet shelter, as a volunteer, is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. The folks over at the Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter in Deerfield, IL are overflowing with cats and dogs that sure could use a few more volunteers. The shelter, originally built in 1928, now houses some 200 dogs and 300 cats!

Volunteering at Orphans of the Storm

Volunteers are welcome to sign up on the website and will receive acceptance confirmations quickly. You have to be at least 16 years old and available for 10 hours each month.

Volunteer Opportunities at Orphans of the Storm

Once volunteers understand the basics of how their programs work, you’ll have a variety of opportunities where you can contribute to improve and help the lives of shelter dogs and cats.

Orphans of the Storm can use folks with photography talent to take photogenic photos of pets for adoption.

Creative writers are sorely needed to write clever cat and dog biographies depicting information about each pet that would encourage adoption.

Shelter greeters who have a smile and positive attitude are needed to greet guests looking to adopt.

Once you receive a little training and get to know the process, history and policies of the shelter, you could become a tour guide helping pets get adopted. The shelter and pets look forward to your help!

More information is posted at http://www.orphansofthestorm.org/.

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